Sunday, April 8, 2012


How do you deal with failure? Do you feel ashamed? Angry? Sad? I'm interested in knowing how others process failure. I am very sensitive and tend to internalize feelings of shame for not being able to succeed at a task. I've often had "help" with feeling ashamed but the feelings are my responsibility. How do you view yourself when you have failed at something? For me it's been a struggle to feel my value or worth. I think I'm improving in this area but it seems i shift back and forth between self esteem and shame. I am interested in your comments.

Believe in Yourself

I have spent a great deal of time on this thought.  I know nobody can do it for me.  And if I don't get the lesson, things will be removed, little by little, until I am FORCED to get it.

Well, I've decided to get the lesson before I get hit by the universal two-by-four.  And I am building my tarot/Reiki/mentoring practice. 

I've heard from no less than three people, including my mother, that something amazing is going to happen for me on Tuesday, April 10th.

I will keep you posted!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sexual Harassment in Public

I can't tell you how many of my female friends suffer from harassment in the grocery store, walking or biking down the street, in parking lots...anywhere you care to name.

Several have been terrorized and pawed at and grabbed when they tried to ignore the offender.

This upsets me.

I have not suffered from this particular malady. Maybe I'm not all that "hot". Maybe it's the years of martial arts training. Maybe I inherited that "You'll be up to your knees in floor if you try it"... look from my mother. But it upsets me anyway.

And I have to wonder...does it really get a guy anywhere to make some kind of filthy comment to a woman alone, trying to do her grocery shopping? Does it get him any dates? Does it accomplish that "main objective"? I don't see how it could. When someone is acting that way toward one of my friends, all I see is jackass.

Even those who don't comment out loud--the ones who drop their heads downwards and to one side when a woman walks past...what, if anything, does that "get" you?

My friends have told me stories about how frightened they were because some guy totally invaded their personal space in the hopes of "getting next to that". My friends didn't know if they were going to be grabbed, hit...or worse.

Afraid to say, "NO!"...that it might cause that individual to snap and accost them. Afraid to say anything at all that might escalate the incident.

They avert their gaze downward in the hopes that he will somehow lose interest and go away. And they feel ashamed. Like they did something to warrant that attention. They tell me how vulnerable and exposed it makes them feel. Defenseless. I hate that my dear friends feel that way.

It's time to speak up. It's time to say, "GET OFF ME!" when someone's in your face. You are less likely to be targeted if you're not afraid to make noise. Forget about the training that nice girls are quiet and composed. Blow the whistle. Spray the mace. Deploy the stun gun. Tell him to back off.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Harvest Time

This fall equinox/harvest moon I've had some time to think about what was planted earlier in the year and what harvest is now coming my way.

I was pretty sure the "seeds" planted earlier SUCKED beyond the telling of it. Turns out, it was all for my highest good and while I knew that, I sure felt differently about it all.

There is still much sorting to be done. The chaos, while somewhat quelled, is not through with me yet. There is much I don't know about the future and that's very hard for me to handle, being a seer and all. I don't see where I will land nor do I see how I will end up financially. The problems that can be solved, have been solved. The rest must wait until a more opportune time. It's simply the best I can do.

I lit candles and burned incense last night, left the TV off and pondered what I have to be grateful for. What came to mind is so much more than I can put into words, even if a good "list' existed. While incredibly uncomfortable, I do feel as though I was provided with a soft landing. There are certainly people worse off than me.

Just days after turning 46, faced with starting everything over...again...even during the times I have the thoughts about the injustice of it all, I still feel blessed. And thankful. The harvest has been better than anything I could have imagined alone.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Prosperity Consciousness

Hello! I've been away for awhile!

Found a way to type my blog at home so I can copy and paste later. ::taps forehead:: Figgered it out.

I've written about this before, but I think it bears repeating. I don't know of another time when I've seen so many struggle with money. It truly is a plague of our mass consciousness at this time.

Remember, that for you to have what you need and/or want, you are not taking anything away from anyone else. We each have infinity to work with.

You are not being "selfish" for desiring money nor are you a jerk for wanting a more comfortable life.

Since my ex-boss and most likely the entire Board of Directors decided to re-introduce me to the wild via unemployment, I have given away more money to others than when I was gainfully employed. And I've noticed that I always have what I need, when I need it. It really is remarkable.

Holding onto your money in fear is not how to create prosperity.

How you let your money go is important too. Let it go without attachment and without any agenda of "I should receive because I gave this, and this, and this..." Give. Then forget it.

We've all heard "you reap what you sow" and "it all comes back to you", but how many of us believe, really believe this is so? Your beliefs will attract your experience. Each belief you have seeks validation. And if you believe that life is hard, that money is scarce and that you will always get the short end of the stick no matter what you do, you're right. That will be your experience.

Conversely, if you believe there is plenty for everybody, that people will pay you abundantly for your talents and abilities and that you are richly blessed in every way, you're right. That will be your experience.

Some of us have negative beliefs so deeply ingrained that we might not be aware exactly what we believe with regard to money and prosperity. Indeed, self awareness is one of the keys to prosperity consciousness. We have to root out the negative beliefs that are causing lack in our lives.

So, the obstacle of lack, is actually an opportunity for us to find out more about ourselves and our beliefs. To throw out beliefs that no longer, and probably never did, serve us.

There is another opportunity here to be closer to the Divine--whatever you might call That. Ask for help. Ask for intervention. Ask for guidance to your highest success and/or your Divine Purpose.

The obstacle isn't The's only the obstacle. A teacher on the path. We are not meant to live in that energy of "obstacle". We're meant to find a way through, give gratitude for the lesson, and move on to better things.

Monday, June 21, 2010


I on this subject last week on FaceBook but thought I would review it...for my own purposes, if nothing else.

I find that when I'm focused on dollars and cents that I'm in the energy of lack. It's hard to manifest anything when you believe in lack or feel you are experiencing lack.

My business takes off when I am asking the question, "How may I serve?" This is a perspective of compassion and gratitude. Things start happening very quickly when I am looking at my work from this place.

I read for many clients who come to me saying, "I need, I need, I need..." And while I understand it's necessary to put one's experiences into words, "I need" is a phrase stemming from lack. It stems from "I do not have..."

"I need prosperity." This affirmation also demonstrated lack.

"I have prosperity." This is better, but there is improvement to be made.

"I AM prosperity made manifest, thank you for my wonderful prosperity and for filling every need." This rocks. Not only does it invoke the "I AM" name of Divine Spirit, it honors the "I AM" presence in you, aka: your Higher Self/Buddha nature/Spark of God.

If you are affirming "I AM prosperity", how could you have anything else BUT prosperity?

Because I, too, have my issues with prosperity, I have a gratitude journal. I write down everything I'm grateful for, sometimes for hours off and on. There truly is SO much that I do have. And I have to remind myself of this because I can get into grumpy "I need, I need, I need" mode, too.

Do you pray at mealtime? Many don't, and I have only recently developed the practice. I give thanks for the food and I say thank you for the lives of the animals that were sacrificed so that I could be nourished. I can't help but wonder if a blessed meal is more nourishing that one that isn't.

Affirm that "I AM" that which you desire. Pray as if you have already received it. Receive it graciously and gratefully. Say Thank You for what is provided. All are keys to an abundant life.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Religion is Kindness--HH The Dalai Lama

I have a decree I give (like a prayer) that asks that whomever I'm in contact with today, let it be meaningful. Even if all I have to give them is kindness. It is my hope that anyone I have interaction with will come away from it feeling uplifted and appreciated.

The task is not as easy as one might think. There is an unusually high amount of discord in the neighborhood where I live and work. I'm noticing people having a difficult time tolerating one another. I'm especially noticing this driving on 39th Street. All you have to do is be stopped waiting to make a left turn and eventually, someone will pull up behind you, squeal their tires to get into the other lane to pass you, then reel it back into the left land to continue their journey.

I just stepped outside to mail a letter this afternoon and when I turned around to cross the street to go back to my office, I noticed a Yellow cab ready to turn left, which would have put him in my path. So I stood on the curb waiting until he turned or until I made eye contact with the driver so I could be sure he knew I was there.

Well, he began his left turn and as I stood there waiting for him to be on his way, he stopped and made this dramatic, furious arm gesture back and forth to be sure I knew that he wanted me to cross the street RIGHT NOW because he was late for I don't even know really had to be there to see how overtly rude this man was being when I had absolutely no problem waiting for him to make his turn and drive past.

I find this fascinating.

How can we hope for anything better in our lives when we can't even tolerate others peacefully going on about their business?

I used to read a lot of blogs that seemed to criticize everything you can name but offered no solutions on how to improve things. Just the absence of bitching all the time is one way to improve things. I actually feel better not reading those blogs anymore.

What if...just for today...we were kind and tolerant with everyone we came in contact with, both here and on the streets? What if we offered real suggestions or volunteered to help where we see programs faltering? Maybe offer something substantial up front instead of waiting for something to fail and offering my least favorite hind-sight comment, "Well I coulda toldya that..."

Anything even remotely positive would be an improvement.