Sunday, April 8, 2012


How do you deal with failure? Do you feel ashamed? Angry? Sad? I'm interested in knowing how others process failure. I am very sensitive and tend to internalize feelings of shame for not being able to succeed at a task. I've often had "help" with feeling ashamed but the feelings are my responsibility. How do you view yourself when you have failed at something? For me it's been a struggle to feel my value or worth. I think I'm improving in this area but it seems i shift back and forth between self esteem and shame. I am interested in your comments.

Believe in Yourself

I have spent a great deal of time on this thought.  I know nobody can do it for me.  And if I don't get the lesson, things will be removed, little by little, until I am FORCED to get it.

Well, I've decided to get the lesson before I get hit by the universal two-by-four.  And I am building my tarot/Reiki/mentoring practice. 

I've heard from no less than three people, including my mother, that something amazing is going to happen for me on Tuesday, April 10th.

I will keep you posted!