Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I'm middle aged. I look like a middle aged woman. I'm shaped like a middle aged woman. That is what I am here to experience at this stage in my life. The middle part.

I've heard people say "40 is the new 30". I don't want to be 30. I've already done that. I want to experience 45. Just the way I am.

Why do we argue with reality? Why do we chase every experience except the one that is before us?

I celebrate being a woman. I celebrate my hard earned wisdom. I wear a bindi jewel on my forehead. It's there among the wrinkles and laugh lines.

I celebrate being middle aged.


  1. I agree. 45 is brilliant. I would never want to exchange any of the lessons it took me 45 years to learn. Sometimes I'd quite like my 45 year old body to have the energy it had when it was 25. But I feel at home in it now in a way I never did at 25 when my entire physicality felt like somebody elses badly fitting suit I was trying to wear.

  2. I'm with you Jules! I love every decade as much or more than I did the last. I don't want to be 20 again, I'm a lot more interesting now.