Monday, June 21, 2010


I on this subject last week on FaceBook but thought I would review it...for my own purposes, if nothing else.

I find that when I'm focused on dollars and cents that I'm in the energy of lack. It's hard to manifest anything when you believe in lack or feel you are experiencing lack.

My business takes off when I am asking the question, "How may I serve?" This is a perspective of compassion and gratitude. Things start happening very quickly when I am looking at my work from this place.

I read for many clients who come to me saying, "I need, I need, I need..." And while I understand it's necessary to put one's experiences into words, "I need" is a phrase stemming from lack. It stems from "I do not have..."

"I need prosperity." This affirmation also demonstrated lack.

"I have prosperity." This is better, but there is improvement to be made.

"I AM prosperity made manifest, thank you for my wonderful prosperity and for filling every need." This rocks. Not only does it invoke the "I AM" name of Divine Spirit, it honors the "I AM" presence in you, aka: your Higher Self/Buddha nature/Spark of God.

If you are affirming "I AM prosperity", how could you have anything else BUT prosperity?

Because I, too, have my issues with prosperity, I have a gratitude journal. I write down everything I'm grateful for, sometimes for hours off and on. There truly is SO much that I do have. And I have to remind myself of this because I can get into grumpy "I need, I need, I need" mode, too.

Do you pray at mealtime? Many don't, and I have only recently developed the practice. I give thanks for the food and I say thank you for the lives of the animals that were sacrificed so that I could be nourished. I can't help but wonder if a blessed meal is more nourishing that one that isn't.

Affirm that "I AM" that which you desire. Pray as if you have already received it. Receive it graciously and gratefully. Say Thank You for what is provided. All are keys to an abundant life.

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  1. No truer words were spoken! Thanks for the insight on this one. I'm working on refocusing that mindset NOW!