Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Haiti...and other tragedies

I've heard people comment (including myself) that while it's a great thing that people are contributing to the earthquake victims in Haiti, some are wondering what we're doing here at home to help people. I think it's a valid question.

I don't mean to minimize the need for help in Haiti. I have contributed. I watched a telethon on 14 channels to aid Haitian victims. It's a good thing.

But I wonder, where was the telethon for the Hurricane Katrina victims? I know people, including myself, contributed as much as they could. I know that celebrities contributed heavily. I also know that it took FIMA five days just to get water to the Super Dome. So, really, how are we doing? What does our grade card look like with regard to taking care of each other here at home?

I'm not saying that American needs are more important than anyone else's needs. What I'm saying is that the American people's needs are AS important as anyone else's needs.

And if there was a time that Americans responded with this kind of equipment, money, and supplies for other Americans...I missed it.

I continue to pray for the victims and families affected by the earthquake in Haiti.


  1. Thank you for your positive feedback. :) It is appreciated.