Tuesday, February 23, 2010

13 Indigenous Grandmothers


I support the 13 International Indigenous Grandmothers Council.

In our society, the elderly are medicated and shut away. Out of sight, out of mind. I feel we rob them of their productivity and we often take away meaning from their lives.

On purpose? I don't think so. Certainly not in all cases.

It's culturally accepted here that when we reach a certain age, we become a burden to our family. Useless. Without purpose. Sick. Old.

A dear friend of mine has reminded me of how precious this resource of older people really is. They've been everywhere we're going and know the way. They've learned the hard lessons. They should be honored. Venerated. We should sit at their feet and allow them to impart to us all that they've experienced.

This applies to all of our older people from all backgrounds and walks of life.

I can think of times I've dismissed someone's opinion because they were old. I'm not proud of that.

I've changed my mind.

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