Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I moved out of my (then) boyfriend's house with only what he said I could take, my clothes, my tarot decks, my books, and my rocks. (lots of rocks)

I now have a beautifully furnished home. Everything I have, someone gave me when I needed it.

I am so beyond grateful it's difficult to express.

I give without a second thought. If you need it, and I've got it, I will give it to you.

Receiving was kind of different for me. Uncomfortable. At first, I felt ashamed to be in a position where people had to help me. Then, I thought of all the people I've helped in one way or another and I wouldn't expect them to feel why was I feeling ashamed? It's a compelling question, yet I still struggle with receiving charity. I guess it just feels like a "backwards" flow for me.

One thing I've felt all along is monumental, epic gratitude. I have all I need and better than I thought I would have, given the circumstances, finances, etc.

My humble advice? If you have it to give...give. Without attachment. Be generous. Give the waitress an extra dollar more than you'd planned. Give a free gift or service to someone in need. Be a shoulder to cry on and someone to listen without judgment or hesitation. Don't abandon your friends no matter how needy they might become or how busy you might be. Give. With no expectation that it will ever come back to you.

Because it all returns to you when your need is dire.

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